A Shining Superstar!

The other day I went to a yoga class and I was pleasantly surprised to see an elderly woman unfolding her yoga mat to take the class.  Wow, what an inspiration!  About halfway through the class, I glanced over, whilst huffing and puffing from the ‘Downward Dog’ pose into the plank.  There she was, not even breaking a sweat.  And here I was trying to think of a way to leave the class halfway before it was through.  At the end of the class I waved goodbye – I hope to see her again to find out how she got to be a yoga superstar!


Do You Also Know of a Superstar Senior?

We all know a golden ager that does incredible things (like yoga at 80) and has an inspiring story to tell. It could be your mom, a doting grandpa, great-grandmother, a volunteer, or even a school teacher from our childhood past that shaped out future in a positive way. This page is dedicated to all the amazing, wise, seniors out there that inspire us on a daily basis!

Are you a Superstar Senior?  Or do you know of  one? Sure you do!

Share Your Inspiring Stories About Amazing Seniors, right here!

If you are a senior and have a great story to share about your accomplishments or successes, I’d love to hear from you!  The same goes if you have a story to share about someone amazing, like the elderly woman I met the other day at Yoga, or maybe a volunteer, or someone that is still working well-past retirement simply because they love their work!

Send in your Superstar Senior stories and with your permission, I may just publish it on my very next blog!  Please include a picture of the person (and setting, if applicable) that you are writing about. Also, don’t forget to ensure you have their permission to write about them and send in their picture – some people are shy and of course, I want to respect their privacy.

You get to be shining star for everyone to see, or you can spotlight and showcase someone else, or both! The more stories the merrier!  I will let you know just as  soon as the story is written up and published.  In return, you get to have bragging rights and can share the link or print out the story for whomever you wish : )