The days where golden agers stayed at home and watched tv all day are long gone!  These days, our seniors east healthier, live longer, and are more engaged in activities than ever before!

There are so many things to do for seniors on a daily basis: Meetup groups, events, volunteering, walking club, sports and exercise.  There are senior groups and activities for almost anything you can think of.

Most cities and  towns have centers and organizations running events for seniors. Some of the activities you might encounter at a Senior Centre are pickleball, yoga, badminton, card playing, weightlifting, circuit training, and walking clubs.  Some even have day care for the elderly. Others have their own hang out spaces for socializing and dining rooms with affordable meals.

One of the Recreation Centres in my city has all these neat travelling events, like bus tours to out of town casinos, posted for seniors.  And for those who like to do some serious travelling, there are organized inter-continental tours, specifically for people 55+, so you or your loved one won’t have to worry about driving in a strange city.  Driving around on the left side of the road in places like England is frightening enough for anyone, so let the experts take care of all the crazy driving stressors and travel site arrangements. These specialized tour guides are also ready to jump in and help out if you get food poisoning or need to see a Dr. in case of a medical situation or urgency.

So there really is no reason to stay at home anymore.  Every senior can go out, be active, and enjoy life to the fullest!

In this page, I will share lots of fun tidbits and articles on ways to energize naturally – that all seniors will appreciate!