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How Many Times Have You Bought a Product Only to Return it?

Yep – We’ve all been there – We’ve all purchased a product only to have to return it because it did not look or perform the way that we’d hoped.  I bought 3 fans this summer and returned the first 2. The first one was way too big to fit in my window and little bedroom. The second was too loud, which kept me from falling asleep. The 3rd was just right, quiet and slim enough to put on my window sill. For me, it was not so bad although it was time-consuming to have to keep driving back to the stores, not to mention some of those fans are heavy! Now fans are not so bad, but what if the product is something more cumbersome, like an electric lift chair, or one of those electric adjustable mattresses, or a portable oxygen tank. These are not items that a person – not nobody -wants to have to return!!!  Imagine having to ship back an electric mattress. No no no — you want to be armed with the deets (the pros and cons) of the product before you buy it — thus saving you valuable time and effort. For an elderly parent, its even harder to go online and figure out how much something will really cost you over time.  Existing product reviews are important and an integral part of the shopping experience, for anything that you consider important.  This is where I come in!

Consider Me Your Personal Assistant

This is where I come waltzing into the scenario — Let me be your personal product reviewer! I can research the internet for you (for free!) and look at all the reviews that people have written about a type of product or service. It won’t cost you a cent! The best part is, you get to ask me find out about any product that you may be interested in. I will pass on the good and the bad about it so you will know what you are getting into before you buy it at a store or online. Imagine all the time and effort you will save for yourself or your loved ones!

Avoid Product Exchanges / Returns  (aka The Shopping Nightmare)

Before you buy a personal oxygen concentrator for your grandma, wouldn’t it be helpful to know certain things in advance, like if it takes arm wrestler to wrench the knobs open? Not a very useful product then is it? I include research from people like you or your parents, that have written into many sites and shared their knowledge from personal use.

Imagine this scenario:  You want to surprise your parents with a special anniversary gift -the Special Edition Liftomatic Electric Sleep Bed and Mattress – it comes with heated Swedish massage Chiro Coils!  You donate their current bed to Salvation Army and install the new one in glee, imagining all the praise you will receive after their first magical nights sleep.  WRONG. Why? Because you didn’t take the time to read any product reviews. If you had, you might have read the one comment from a couple, saying that the bed’s heat setting does not turn off even after a couple of hours, which is a potential health and fire hazard.  As it turns out, your parents have the same issue. On top of that, the coils dig into their backs, giving them THE WORST sleeps of their life.  The bed is heavy and has to be exchanged, but you are stuck paying for shipping on a 150 pound product.  And your parents have to sleep on the pull-out couch of 2 weeks.  And its all your fault.  Get where I am going with this?

Benefits of the Reviews – Save Time, Enjoy Life!

My product review page is set up to provide you with information and comparisons about relevant products that you might be interested in for yourself or your loved ones. This will save you valuable time so you can go out and enjoy life while I do all the grueling dirty work. I will think of product categories that would be of interest to seniors and our elders, then will dig around the internet (even if it takes me all day) to find out the important details about it. The information provided will describe the product (or service), offer up some comparisons, and provide details about its effectiveness, consumer feedback, and of course the price. I will even try to find you the most affordable place/website to buy it! Now how’s that for a free service?!

Send Me Your Product Inquiries and Questions!

Have you thought about buying Dr. Ho’s Inflatable Back Brace but are not sure if it works?  Don’t feel like doing the research? No problemo! Write a comment or email me about the name of the product you want to buy and I will put in on my ‘To Do work list’!  Once I have found out all the important info, I will post it on the website, and can even email with a personalized response. Again, this is all for free!

If you decide that like the product and the pricing etc, judt click on the product link and it will take you to the merchant or Amazon seller’s website post.  I will post both the pros and the cons about any product inquiry. If most of the information I found on it is not so hot, I will let you know, and, I will try to include another comparative for your consideration.

Disclaimer note: Kindly keep in mind that while I am looking up products for you, I am not personally endorsing them.  I am buying them, just passing on comments and important details from websites and consumers, so that you won’t have to spend the weekend crounging the internet.

Have You Tried a Product/Service from my Reviews?

Great! Then I’d love to hear from you! Do you agree or disagree with my review? Pass on your comments about your experience with it. I’d love to hear about it, as would the readers. Constructive feedback is always valued and appreciated.

I truly look forward to hearing from you!

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